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Highland Swim Club COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions Updated 6/17/2020:


Will the rules announced for the June 22nd opening be the rules for the entire summer?

The rules announced are based on the most current guidelines from the State and the CDC.  As we get new communication throughout the Summer, we will change the rules to meet the most current rules communicated to us by the state. 


The season started late this year, will there be a discount for the season?

We were sad to miss 4 weekend of swimming fun this year.  To make up for it is our goal weekends through the month of September. Stay tuned…


Will you be offering an August only membership this year?

The details of this have not been finalized.  Stay tuned…


Does the “no toys” rule apply to just floats?

The no toys rule applies to all toys in the baby pool as it is very difficult to avoid sharing in that environment.  Small children are permitted to wear Coast Guard certified flotation devices.  Kick boards, dive toys etc will not be permitted due to CDC guidelines. 


If I am standing in the baby pool with my child will a mask be required?

No, if you are in either the baby pool or the big pool a mask should not be worn.


If I am sitting in my chair socially distant from my neighbors is a mask required?

No, as long a social distance is maintained a mask will not be required.  A mask must be worn when entering and exiting the club and when entering the bathroom.


Can an exception to the mask requirements be made for my child with special needs?

More than likely yes, but please email to discuss your personal situation


My family is simply not comfortable coming back to Highland under these circumstances, what are my refund options?

We completely understand that some of our families may still feel uncomfortable coming to the pool this year.  Please reach out to the board If you would like to discuss your personal situation


My friend who is a member would like to bring my children to the pool, is this allowed?

Yes, please be sure that you register your own children online for the number of members of your family attending the pool.