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Swim Lessons

Children’s swim lessons are free to members. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Lessons are a half-hour daily, Mon.-Thurs. Each session lasts three weeks. (Limited Saturday lessons are available for families unable to participate in our weekday classes - See the bottom of page for more information). Please email all requests and questions to

2019 Lesson Sessions:

Session I:
           Monday, June 24 - Thursday, July 11 (Lessons will be held on July 4).

           Registration begins June 1 via email
           (Early registrations will NOT be honored)

Session II:
           Monday, July 15 - Thursday, August 2.

           Registration begins July 1  via email 
           (Early registrations will NOT be honored)

Emails received before June 1 for Session 1 and before July 1 for Session 2 will not be opened and will need to be resubmitted. When signing up, please indicate your top three time choices and your requested class.  Refer to the club's website for class descriptions.  If you are registering more than one child, please sign up as soon as registration opens for each session so we can try to accommodate any special time requests.

Each level is typically taught in four different sections over the course of an hour.

Toddler: 10 and 10:30
Beginner 1: 10:30 and 11
Beginner 2: 11 and 11:30
Advanced Beginner: 12 and 12:30
Intermediate: 12:30 and 1
Swimmer: 1 and 1:30

Understandably, not all requests can be honored exactly so we kindly ask for your flexibility. Please feel free to offer more than one choice. Times are subject to change as class sizes and requests dictates.