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Highland Swim Club COVID-19 Standing Rules updated 7/12/2020:

7/12/2020 Update 

The: most recent State guidelines focus on travel to and from New Jersey from 19 hot spot states.  Please be aware that moving forward when you make a reservation, the system will ask you whether you have traveled recently to any of the locations listed below.  If you have travelled to one of these places, we ask that you self-quarantine for 14-days prior to coming to the club. More information on this most recent update can be found HERE.

  • Alabama 
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona 
  • California 
  • Delaware 
  • Florida 
  • Georgia 
  • Iowa 
  • Idaho 
  • Kansas 
  • Louisiana 
  • Mississippi 
  • North Carolina 
  • Nevada 
  • Oklahoma 
  • South Carolina 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas 
  • Utah 


  • Diving Boards will be open
  • Members must bring their own chairs
  • Picnic tables in the grove cannot be moved
  • Grills can be used, you must bring your own tools
  • Snack Shack will be closed



  • Showers will be closed
  • Every other bathroom stall will be closed to ensure social distancing
  • Please come to the pool ready to swim as the changing area/lockers will also be closed
  • Footwear must be worn in the bathroom


Face Coverings

  • Face Coverings should not be worn by any member while they are in either the baby pool or big pool
  • No face covering is needed when you are seated in your designated seating area
  • All members over the age of 2 must wear a face covering when:
    • Entering/exiting the club
    • Using the bath facilities
    • When social distancing cannot be maintained


Toys/Recreational Equipment

  • No toys, kickboards, dive toys will be permitted
  • Coast Guard Certified flotation devices for young swimmers are allowed
  • Playground will remain closed until we receive further direction from the state
  • Pool club will not provide Basketball/Wiffle Ball equipment for use on the black top. You will be permitted to use your own equipment. Social distance must be maintained on the blacktop. 

Limited Capacity

  • There will be 2 time slots per day for swimming to start the season 12pm-4 and 4:30-close.
  • Members must sign up online to reserve their slot.
  • Members only (no guests) for the start of the season
  • Caregivers are considered part of your family. As always there is no extra charge. Please be sure they are listed on your account
  • All members must have their membership card scanned when entering the club. Please see a manager if you do not have a card

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing must be practiced both in and out of the pool
  • Members of each family are asked to sit together – socially distant seating areas will be marked out by the staff


  • The pool will be closed daily from 4:00pm-4:30pm for disinfecting.
  • EPA approved disinfectants will be used to clean and disinfect all highly trafficked areas, which include but are not limited to, door handles, handrails, doorknobs, restrooms, and all other major touch points. Disposable gloves will be used when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Immediately after cleaning, gloves will be disposed, and hands will be washed.
  • Sanitizer stations will be available around the pool, including the front entrance and in front of both bathrooms.
  • The managers will ensure a sufficient amount of cleaning supplies, soap, sanitizer, disinfectants are available. They will monitor the supplies weekly and replenish as needed when inventory drops below 50%. 
  • HSC will require frequent, routine sanitization of all areas opened to the public, including by not limited to, frequently touched surfaces several times daily and shared objects after each use, including but not limited to, staff ticket or sales booths, lifeguard stands, life jackets, lifesaving equipment, railings, towel decks, medical area supplies and equipment, particularly in spaces that are accessible to staff, the public, or other individuals in accordance with CDC guidance.


Staff Screening

  • All staff temperatures will be screened upon entry using contactless thermometers by a manager on-duty at the designated entry points prior to entering the facilities. The staff members name, temperature, time screened, and the managers initials will be documented on a log. Staff members that have a fever of 100.4° or above or other signs of COVID-19 illness will not be admitted to the facilities. Highland will encourage staff to be on the alert for signs of illness and to stay home when they are sick using the CDC criteria


Swim Team/Swim Lessons

  • The USCOL has cancelled the summer swim team season BUT Highland will still offer swim team.Please go to the website for more information
  • Group lessons are TBD but if offered are included in your membership dues